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Family & Divorce Mediation

Whether at the start of your divorce, at the point of impasse in your negotiation, or post-decree, mediation is an empowering process. During mediation, the individuals work with an impartial, trained mediator who helps facilitate discussion, explore creative options, assist with problem solving, and support the couple in reaching mutually agreeable resolutions. Mediation keeps YOU in control of your own decision-making, and therefore, your families’ future.

In stark contrast to litigation, mediation offers a process that is voluntary, self-determined, confidential, and private, functioning outside of the court system. Couples and divorced co-parents who engage in mediation often feel the financial and parenting decisions they reach are more satisfying and more durable over time, and they may find themselves turning to mediation in the future if needed, instead of pursuing contentious litigation. Mediation may further enhance a couple’s ability to communicate effectively and respectfully, and problem-solve independently, which strengthens their ability to co-parent their children.

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