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Changes, challenges and transitions in our lives are truly inevitable…whether thrust upon us or chosen, life affirming or steeped in loss. We cannot always avoid these transitions, but we can strive to embrace challenges, learn and grow from them, and create a life that is enhanced and enriched by our struggles.

FIT is a place that strives to support you in this journey. Dr. Wilner has been working as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist for over 20 years, providing psychotherapy and counseling services to adolescents, adults, couples and families. Her warm, accepting, down-to-earth approach helps to create an environment in which you will feel safe and free to explore your feelings, fears and struggles. Dr. Wilner combines cognitive-behavioral, family systems, and humanistic approaches in her therapy, and works very collaboratively with each client to develop a treatment plan that is unique and aligned with each individual’s needs.

After many years of working with parents and families who were devastated by acrimonious divorce litigation, Dr. Wilner determined she needed to seek a more proactive way to help families cope with the profound loss associated with divorce, and intervene earlier in their divorce process. This led her down a challenging and gratifying path toward developing her skills in alternative dispute resolution. Dr. Wilner has worked as a divorce mediator for 9 years, and as a Collaborative Divorce Coach and Child Specialist for 8 years. She has experienced first-hand many profound moments with divorcing couples and their children, and has witnessed the benefits of avoiding contentious litigation.

Unfortunately, there are times when divorcing couples cannot agree on the best parenting plan for their children, and instead ask the Court to help determine custody (parental decision-making), and parenting time. Dr. Wilner has trained and continues to train extensively as a 604(b) court-appointed custody evaluator. In her court-appointed role, Dr. Wilner conducts a comprehensive study of the family system, and ultimately renders an opinion to the Court. Dr. Wilner has earned a reputation as a thorough, deliberate, ethical and fair evaluator, whose recommendations strive to be healing and therapeutic for everyone in the family.

Please explore the website to learn more about the wide range of services Dr. Wilner provides. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment please contact Dr. Wilner via email:
drbeth@familiesintransition.info, or at her office: 847.972.1070.

“Change is inevitable . . .
except from a vending machine”

{Robert C. Gallager}
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